Dog Training Classes for Kids in Peoria, Arizona

Kids Ages 16 and Up

Kids Ages 16 and Up

Volunteer your time and help a rescue dog find a forever home!

For older teenagers, we offer our “Anything’s Pawsible Pals” program, where you volunteer and learn more about dogs, while helping them prepare for adoption.

teens volunteer to help rescue dogs in Peoria, Arizona

This can be the ideal program for those desiring volunteer hours for college applications or to add to a resume.

Pals help before, during and after our weekday programs from 3:30-6:00 pm. Pals take the dogs out to play and potty. We might need you to assist with walking the dogs, cleaning kennels, grooming, filling water and feed bowls, and more.

If you would rather work with the kids, helping during class time is an option. We occasionally need assistants while the kids are training the dogs. Our program is held for 10 weeks, four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from 4-5:30 pm.  We are located near 91st Ave and Pinnacle Peak in Peoria, Arizona.

We eagerly encourage you to participate. It’s work that is fun, and you could help make a huge difference in the lives of homeless rescue dogs.  To apply please use the form below.

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Anything’s Pawsible

Anything’s Pawsible Pet Program offers fun and engaging after school classes in Peoria, Arizona. We teach children how to train rescue dogs for obedience, good manners, agility, and tricks.
Dog Training Classes for Kids, Phoenix Arizona