Dog Training Classes for Kids in Peoria, Arizona

What The Dogs Learn

What Our Dogs Learn

kids training rescue dogs in Peoria, Arizona so the dogs will be ready for adoptionThe goal with our training program is to teach rescue dogs behaviors that will allow them to become happy, fulfilled animals – and to be adopted by quality, loving families.

Click here to download our basic command list.

Most of the dogs that enter our program are not initially well trained. Some need to build trust in humans. Some need to learn how to give and receive affection appropriately.

During our ten-week training program, each dog will learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs and people of various ages, plus learn skills and tricks that help them enjoy life and become part of a thriving family.  Ideally, the training that they receive with us is just the beginning.  We lay the foundation, and then it’s up to their new family to build on it.

Below are some of the behaviors that the kids will work with the dogs on.

  • Walk calmly on a leash
  • Basic obedience – sit, down, come, stay
  • House manners – wait for food bowl, go into crate, go to bed
  • Agility fun – tunnels, dog-walk, jumps
  • Tricks – shake, roll over, sit pretty… to name a few!

Anything’s Pawsible

Anything’s Pawsible Pet Program offers fun and engaging after school classes in Peoria, Arizona. We teach children how to train rescue dogs for obedience, good manners, agility, and tricks.
Dog Training Classes for Kids, Phoenix Arizona