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Current Adoptable Dogs

Our Adoptable Program Dogs!

Meet the wonderful rescue dogs in our training program that are available for adoption. These dogs are typically younger than two years old, great with kids, and have no outstanding behavioral issues. And they will have received a solid introduction to basic commands and good manners in our classes.

Meet "Will"

Will is a joyful, young, and affectionate Dachshund mix. He was rescued while roaming the streets, infested with ticks and suffering from skin issues. Although he had a rough beginning, it doesn’t affect his adorable personality. He energetically loves everyone he meets, and especially enjoys sitting in your lap. A super cute and healthy little dog, Will weighs less than 20 pounds and is about 1.5 years old. He will make you laugh, give you kisses, and longs to be a part of your everyday activities. We encourage you to meet and adopt him. Can you be his forever love?

dachshund available for adoption in Arizona

Meet "Joey"

Joey is an adorable, playful and intelligent poodle mix that came to APPP from a small rescue in Nevada. As great as he is, it’s amazing to us that this dog is available for adoption. He’s the perfect choice for any loving home that wants a small, non-shedding, sweet companion who gets along with other dogs of every size, people of all ages, cats, little animals (even rodents), you name it, he’s their friend!

toy poodle available for adoption in Arizona

Joey is super cute, smart, and healthy, about 2 years old and just under 20 pounds in weight. He is eager to find his forever happy home to love on, snuggle and play. Look at this sweet face and fall in love!

Meet "Gunner"

Gunner is a young, enthusiastic, super fun Border Collie. He is currently 8 months old, and weighs about 30 pounds. This would be an ideal companion for your other playful dogs, or just as easily, Gunner would happily be your only sidekick – we love how focused he can be, this is one smart dog. He will need some energetic outlets like chasing a ball, which he loves to do, and would be a perfect candidate for any dog sport, agility, Frisbee, hiking, running along side you each morning, any activity! Are you ready for a fun life with a truly great dog? We highly encourage you to meet and adopt Gunner!

border collie available for adoption in Arizona

Meet "Bella"

Bella is a gorgeous, fun, and friendly dog, likely of Australian Shepherd heritage. She is quite stunning to look at. Just one year old and 55 pounds in weight, this congenial dog would be perfect in a loving forever home with another playful dog and/or an active family.  She will thrive with plenty of toys and continued training. There’s lots of potential in this pretty gal; she’s super smart, young, healthy, affectionate and happy. Come and meet Bella, and be ready to fall in love!

australian shepherd available for adoption in Arizona

Anything’s Pawsible

Anything’s Pawsible Pet Program offers fun and engaging after school classes in Peoria, Arizona. We teach children how to train rescue dogs for obedience, good manners, agility, and tricks.
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